Software Patch v0.9


Software Patch is an IDL software developed for the deconvolution of mono-pupil images with space-variant point-spread functions (PSFs). The input image is decomposed in partially overlapping sub-domains, the size of which will depend on the properties of the PSFs.
The reconstruction is obtained by applying a deconvolution method with boundary effects compensation to each sub-domain. The final object is formed by a mosaic of the partial reconstructed images, after the removal of the common parts of adjacent sub-domains.


The aim of this tutorial is to help the users to deconvolve a mono-pupil image with space-variant PSFs by means of the software Patch.
In this example we are using a popular data set: the simulation of a star cluster for the Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Camera. More information on the data set can be found here.
You can download from here the archive containing the input image, the PSFs and a README file describing all the necessary parameters for the deconvolution. You can extract the archive within the "patch_data" sub-folder.

The tutorial is split in three parts: the first one shows how to load the inputs (image and PSFs) and how to set up the sub-domain parameters, the second one describes the deconvolution process and the necessary parameters to be set, and the last part concerns the visualization and the necessary steps for saving the results.

Before starting, be sure that the software is correctly installed, i.e. you are able open the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Follow the installation instructions contained within the "README.txt" file included in the archive. Then start IDL and type "patch" at the prompt: the GUI of the program appears. Note that there are three "panels", or "tabs", one for dealing with the inputs, the second one for the deconvolution and the last one for showing and saving the results.