This page contains several routines of the algorithms recently developed by the members of the group, in particular:

  1. Software Packages (AIRY and AIRY-LN) of the CAOS Problem Solving Environment.
  2. Software Patch developed for space-variant deblurring of astronomical images.
  3. IDL routines implementing the blind deconvolution approach for astronomical imaging.
    1. 1. Software Packages of the CAOS PSE

      AIRY group developed two software packages for the reconstruction of astronomical images: AIRY and AIRY-LN.


      AIRY is freely distributed among the astronomical community.

      Access to AIRY-LN is limited to LINC-NIRVANA people and special registered users only. Please contact us for any request.

      2. Software Patch

      Software Patch implements a method based on sectioning approach in deconvolution of space-variant astronomical images. The starting point is a mosaic of PSFs, provided by the users, and the input image. The image is partitioned in non-overlapping regions such that each PSF can be considered space-invariant on them.
      The subsequent step consists in applying a deconvolution method modified for taking into account correction of boundary effect. Both the well-known Richardson-Lucy and a fast method called Scaled Gradient Projection, SGP, are available.
      Finally, the output object is obtained as a mosaic of the reconstructed regions.

      You can find here a Tutorial of the Software Patch.

      You can download here the Software Patch. [current version 0.9] (last update: 2014-10-20)

      3. Blind deconvolution (IDL routines)

      In this section you can find the IDL routines implementing the blind deconvolution approach for astronomical imaging described in "M. Prato, A. La Camera, S. Bonettini, M. Bertero 2013, A convergent blind deconvolution method for post-adaptive-optics astronomical imaging. Inverse Problems 29, 06517".

      You can download here the zip archive [936 kB].

      The IDL code can be also found in the Supplementary Material of the paper.

      All software has been developed in IDL.
      The software is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.
      You download and run the software at your own risk.
      If you experience any problems with the software, please contact us.
      Use of this software for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited without contacting the authors.