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Authors: G. Desiderà and M. Carbillet
Abstract: Aims. We aim to improve blind deconvolution applied to post-adaptive-optics (AO) data by taking into account one of their basic characteristics, resulting from the necessarily partial AO correction: the Strehl ratio. Methods. We apply a Strehl constraint in the framework of iterative blind deconvolution (IBD) of post-AO near-infrared images simulated in a detailed end-to-end manner and considering a case that is as realistic as possible. Results. The results obtained clearly show the advantage of using such a constraint, from the point of view of both performance and stability, especially for poorly AO-corrected data. The proposed algorithm has been implemented in the freely-distributed and CAOS-based Software Package AIRY.

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Posted by: andrea, on 1/12/2010, in category "2009"
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