Software Package AIRY - Tutorial

This tutorial is using the CAOS PSE v. 7.0 and the Software Package AIRY v. 7.0.

The aim of this tutorial is to help the users to create a simple simulation by means of the Software Package AIRY. The example purpose is to reconstruct a stellar surface image by using the Scaled Gradient Projection (SGP) algorithm [1]. For more information about the algorithm please visit our "Docs" section.

The tutorial is split in two parts: the former shows how to place the modules on the worksheet and how to join them, the latter describes how to set up the parameters of each module.

Before starting, be sure that the environmental variables needed by the package are set up, as described on the installation instructions. Then start IDL and CAOS and type "worksheet" at the prompt: the CAOS Application Builder interface appears.

[1] Bonettini S. et al., Inverse Problems 25, 015002 (2009) link